Who am I

Its dark and cold and oh so wet
Where is this hell that I’ve been set,
I feel so tight and really weak,
No air, no light, just bleak.

Now my skin, it starts to crack,
And yet somehow its not all black,
Perhaps if I can give a fight,
I might just change things, put things right.

I’ll push and see just where I go,
No where, god this is slow.
But wait, I do feel a touch of strength,
A buzz, some hope, a little length.

I’ll try again, I won’t give up,
I’ll have belief and faith and luck,
And yes, I’ve moved that yucky slime,
This might be hard but given time.

Now pushing’s easy, keep on going,
Gaining strength, growing growing,
My fear has gone, its not obscene,
And though it’s dark I feel quite green.

What’s happening now, I’ve just got cosy,
there’s a glow, it’s rather rosy,
This white, this light, this very bright,
All change again, but is it right.

Looking round I’ve got some brothers,
And look, there’s more, there’s lots of others,
We stretch and feel and taste the air,
So happy now that we are here.

We know in time we’ll grow and flourish,
we came through hell, now we can nourish,
But what am I and where’s my power,
You think I’m you, but I’m a flower.

Jokeypoet 2000

One response to “Who am I

  1. I guessed seed, but it is close enough. (I hope)

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