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This world has many wonders even miracles it seems,
Then man has added one or two that great men found in dreams,
Yet one stands out as magical, enduring through the years
The pyramids, designed by God then built with sweat and tears.

High up in the universe Orion shows his might
Three stars encrusted on his belt an ever present light,
In Giza sit three pyramids, each one below a star,
A mirror of the heavens, here on earth from oh so far.

For reasons only guessed by man this earth revolves the sun,
It takes one year, and in this time 365.24 days will come,
The pyramid so mighty when its measured round it’s plan,
Reveals that very number, for reasons only guessed by man.

So massive is the pyramid so wide and very tall,
Yet springtime at the equinox no trace of shadows fall,
Sitting perfect on the parallel where North & Southings meet
A point unknown to ancient man for his pyramid to seat.

The earth is round, we’ve come to learn from satellites and beams.
A perfect curve to spin in space with stars and moons it seems.
The pyramid is static yet it’s curve the very same,
The motif of an artist? an impression of a name?

The pyramid it stands aloft, 491 feet,
Just by chance the very height the mean of earth does meet,
A passage formed descending deep inside the structure far,
When projected out the other way would meet the northern star.

144,000 stones each polished flat and true,
Machined within a tolerance and bound with unknown glue,
Each stone a wonder in itself weighing up to fifteen ton,
Mankind today just can not see how this wonder could be done.

BF 29/10/12