Two Doctors

In a busy city hospital two doctors toe to toe,
Screaming out a spelling bee the patients heard them crow,
W. W. W. -O. O.- M. M. -B. A
The first would rant and wave his fist, “it’s as clear as night and day”

The other just as loud and with venom, hiss and spit,
There is no A, it starts with WH, it’s WHOOMB, you pompous twit.
The first one’s face grew redder as he insisted on the A,
The patients watched with disbelief, till a staff nurse shouted HEIGH!!!

She marched on over through the crowd and stopped their ranting dead.
“Your both acting like children plus your spelling’s wrong” she said,
This is a public hospital and your crowding out this room,
It spells quite simply W. O. M. B the word you want is womb.

The doctors now both stood agog, as the staff nurse marched away,
Then when she’d gone, the doctors calm, the first was heard to say,
As hippos go they’re pretty rare, I doubt she’s seen one ever,
Let alone would know the sound when they’re farting under water.

Jokeypoet 2009

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  1. OFGS. What ARE you like. LOL

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