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On a Sunday Summer’s evening
Of a day that had been fine
A couple took a shortcut home
To save a little time.

They took a well known country road
As the evening dimmed it’s light
Till a man, with an axe, by a fallen tree
Said “this way is closed tonight”.

They saw there was a detour
An arrow and handmade sign
He drove and watched and thought he saw
A light from time to time.

The road meandered on and on
And on and on and on
it twisted and turned and got narrower
As the light of the full moon shone

The petrol light was blinking red
As the road came to an end
A house light in the distance
Seemed to be their only friend

He said I’ll walk to get some help
You stay here with the baby
Lock the doors and keep quite still
You’ll be quite safe here…. Maybe

She watched him walk into the dark
And felt a silent chill
She held her baby, locked the doors
The night was deathly still

The minutes seemed like hours
She thought to try and nap
Then her eyes were opened glaring wide
By a gentle tap, tap, tap.

She listened, was she dreaming
Held her breath to hear for more
Then when she thought the sound had gone
Someone tried the door.

She screamed and looked in panic
Out the windows to the night
Where a man stood right beside her
With a blade that glinted bright

Her mind now in a frenzy
With her baby in a clench
To save them both she searched about
And found the tyre wrench

The man walked slowly round the car
Tried each door one by one
She thought I have to do this
To save my baby son

She quickly threw the door ajar
And leapt straight at her foe
The tyre wrench was straight and true
It struck a fatal blow

The body fell and struck the ground
At once she saw her man
And in his hand was holding
A shiny petrol can.