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Four Brothers ~ A Mighty Union.


This is a tale of four brothers I knew
Stewart, Eric, Ian and Wills
I’ll tell you their story and every word true
Their highs and lows their lifts and spills.

They didn’t have much in the early days,
And made their share of silly mistakes.
together they learned to forge their ways
Whilst turning their backs on liars and fakes.

As brothers do they have had their fights
Falling in and out as they made their way,
But they learned how to have some wonderful nights
Yet return to their own lives during the day.

They grew very close with honour and code
Lived side by side and cheek by jowl
But others who couldn’t travel this road
Showed spite and hate both fair and fowl.

Together the brothers stood up to their foes
And they helped their friends to be all they could be
Together they shared to ease many woes
Whilst striking a fear in all tyranny.

They have earned much respect from within and afar
Their battle relentless for all that is good
Now they stand with proud allies who each bear the scar
They have won in the fight for their own neighbourhood

Now they’re followed by millions who all want to share
Their vision of freedom of fairness and truth
They have trust and respect and are known to be fair
Four brothers, a union of real living proof.
The United Kingdom
Not what it costs, What it’s worth.
BF April 2012