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Hurricane Bawbag

As amber turned to red in the local Scottish Met,
There’s going to be a mighty wind and it’s going to get quite wet,
Tell them all to close the schools and haud the local bus,
As Hurricane Bawbag swept the land they made an awffy fuss.

As it blew its way through Airdrie, a reporter on the spot,
Asked a local “was there damage?” “aye it’s smashed my best plant pot!

It blew it pure dead sideways and it smashed in aw that rain,
I’ll need to sweep the pieces up before my man gets hame”

Non-essential travel the polis had it banned,
But bookies done a roaring trade up and doon the land
The panic buying started from the tweed to falls of feugh
green rizzlers were in short supply along wi iron bru.

100 mile an hour gusts on Leith blew doon a wa’
But you still saw Leither’s sparking up as they went oot for a blaw.
Cold pot noodle pieces were there to save the day
As the leckie lines came off the poles and in the fields the lay.

The locals were quite worried though, the damage could be bad
If sky boxes came of the walls they’d maybe need rehab.
And now bawbag is over the Glesgie catwalk’s rife
Wi fake uggs, PJ’s and a T that’s printed “I survived”