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Draining the Swamp

The power to lead when the going gets tough,
Is an art in itself and a skill for the tough,
They can stop! Be calm! When all others just freak,
Take control, slow things down, it’s solutions they seek.

If this is the person that you’d like to be,
Then learn to appraise, use some vision to see,
Find the source, use your logic to fight out the fire,
You’ll be strong, you’ll be fearless you never will tire.

However take heed as you climb to the top,
The demons won’t die, they just shift, never stop,
To drain out the swamp, will seem like a farce,
When those gaters and crocs are nipping your arse.

Be strong
JP July 2012

My Old Cat

My old cat,
was not always that,
I remember a kitten so nice.
She would dance by the moon,
To her favourite tune,
Which of course is 3 blind mice.

Her favourite dish,
Is micecream and fish,
Followed by lashings of milk.
Then she’ll purr and she’ll fawn,
Take a stretch and a yawn,
Then a nap on my cushions of silk.

If she fancies a jog,
She will meow at a dog,
And tease it until she is bored.
Climb a tree to the top,
Hear the tweets all stop?
Then home to be spoiled and adored.

Now she wants to retire
So just sits by the fire
And doesn’t move far from the house
Her life is now slow
But there’s eight more to go
She’ll be back and be chasing that mouse.

JP 1 July 2012

Shopping Mall Mum

Over weight and forty,
Your hairs a blinking mess,
They want to charge you camping fees,
Just to wear a dress.

Your best friend is the telly,
The couch your second home,
No stranger to a burger,
You ask why you’re alone.

Your daily stroll around the mall,
You call your exercise,
You dunk so many doughnuts,
It’s your daily “extra size”.

If all this sounds familiar,
And the character seems true
Stop despairing, waken up,
The answer lies with you.

Pull yourself together,
Start walking round a track,
Stop eating chocolate biscuits,
That old you WILL come back.

JP June 2011