God’s Broomstick

The wind, it’s so peaceful from this bedroom view,
but the mighty oaks grimace as it passes through,
Still I’m warm and I’m safe and feel good when I see,
that everything’s touched by the wind except me.
A spider’s web crumbles, wild rose petals flee,
There! A dead branch has been blown off it’s tree,
But its quiet in my room and I know not to fear,
the whistles and howls from outside that I hear.
The wind is so strong and so practical too,
as it sweeps out the old making way for the new.
And it never stops blowing, working ever so hard,
God’s broomsticks’ relentless whilst cleaning his yard.
A birds nest gets caught and is out of its tree,
the eggs are all smashed the chicks never to be.
The mother is sad but it must have been meant,
why else would this awesome wind have been sent.
And though I sit warm at my view through the wall,
feeling smug with myself, feeling safe from it all,
The wind always looks back, just before its passed through,
to remind me, one day, I’ll be swept away too.
BF Summer 88.

The Piano Lesson

The score from the piano glows,

keys gently stroked as music flows,
orchestral tones that dance with rhyme,
melodic prose in perfect time.
With fingers curled, nails manicured,
posture straight and self assured,
the player sits to take the stage,
they pause, they breath, they turn that page.
Then BANG, IT HITS, the penny drops,
This page is mad, its full of spots,
Those crotchets, minims, semibrieves,
They make you weak, they make you freeze.
There’s counts of one, there’s counts of four,
There’s dots that make you count some more,
There’s flats, those sharps, that natural sign,
But don’t apply them every time.
Cross your thumbs and stretch your fives,
Be careful not to cross your eyes,
Now that italic 3, it means,
Well, no one knows quite what it means.
But then the Treble Clef takes hold,
It’s in command, it’s strong and bold,
It slowly makes the panic flee,
As you quietly find your middle C.
And as the score from the piano glows,
Keys gently stroked as music flows,
The player plays through joyous pain,
Half genius, half hero and half insane.
BF 25.10.07


Never ask to be followed,
First learn to be loved,
And nurture relations in space.
They will first show an interest,
And creep to your door,
Whilst they take a quick look at your face.

Of the billions of tweeters,
You’ll attract one or two,
As your tweets strike a chord in their heart.
What they like they will follow,
And retweet your work,
Then there’s 10, well at least it’s a start.

Then the ten become twenty,
And so it goes on,
Soon there’s lots and they’re looking at you.
So good luck, but know this,
As you journey through space,
It’s a cage in a cyberspace zoo.

JP June 2011

Little Willies

In a little village library
A man rotund and bald
Requests a book on “little willies”
“But I don’t know what it’s called”

The librarian raised her eyes
And placed her glasses on her head
“I’m not sure if it’s in yet ”
“yes that’s the one” he said.

BF June 11


Twitter helps engage your brain,
You read you write you think
Unlike the box that saps your powers
With its pals, crisps and drink

Read This! If you laugh your young, if not! Oh go on take the test…

It doesn’t come by itself!

My glasses are on my head
My money is in my purse
My purse is in my bag
My bag is in the car
And I know where that is….

My driving glasses?
They might be in my bag
Which is out in the car
Back out to the car- nope.
They might be in the drawer
Which is half way up the stairs
I’ll go and take a look
Oh they’re on my head!

So where’s my reading glasses?
Not in the car
Not in my bag
Not in the drawer
Someone must have moved them
Oh! They’re in my pocket.

Reading glasses-check
Driving glasses -check
Money – check
Purse – check
Bag – check
Car keys! – I’ve just been in the car
Where are the car keys?
Not in the car
Not in my bag
Not in the drawer
Not in my pocket
They’re in the bathroom
HOW did they get in the BATHROOM!

Right, my coat is on
Got my stuff
Now where’s my banana

Wishes, Thoughts and Dreams.

Wishes, Thoughts and Dreams.

The thoughts you hold most dear to you,
Arn’t thoughts but dreams that will come true.
And once you’ve sent them on their way,
They’ll grow and gather every day.
So don’t be fooled to think there gone
For one day soon they will come home
To sit with you and there they’ll stay
Be careful what you wish for
it will be yours one day.



PRIVATE SMITH, the Sergeant yelled
I want a word with you
I’m told that you were missing
By the camouflage training crew.

Me! Said Smith, no I was there,
Hiding in the wood,
It’s just they couldn’t see me Sarge,
Cause they’re training was so good!

BF 27.2.11

The socks don’t match

The socks don’t match.

The washing still blows
On the washing line
But the socks don’t match
Now you’ve gone.

Was it me I don’t know
But the tears still flow
Just because
Doesn’t sound like a reason

Now your there, I’m here
they’re everywhere
All pulling, pushing
The same stuff gets done here and there

They say it’s the end
End of what
This can’t end
There is no end only different.

The socks don’t match
But they could
And should
And would
If we could just learn to darn.

BF 18.3.11

The Rules of Christmas.

It’s Christmas eve, now close your eyes,
you have to get some sleep,
And if you think you hear him,
be careful not to peep,
For if he thinks your stirring
and not sleeping any more,
He might not leave your present
and instead go on next door.

And sleep he did,
in slumber land his dreams took hold that night,
As Santa took him by the hand
his eyes were wide and bright,
They flew off to a far off place
on reindeer soft as silk,
Where Christmas trees are shiny green
and snow is white as milk.

A beautiful log cabin,
with its chimney smoke of peat,
Inside the bells of Christmas rang
the music played so sweet,
A puppy dog and kittens
rolled about the softest rug,
Some children ran to Santa
for a magic Christmas hug,

Other children gathered round
they laughed and sang a song,
He joined right in and played and danced
and tried to sing along,
Kind ladies brought them biscuits
with a lovely chocolate drink,
And elves were passing parcels
each one wrapped and named I think,

The log fire burned into the night,
and Santa laughed and smiled,
Telling tales of Christmas joy
to each and every child,
An elf gave him a present
and his heart it missed a beat,
But before he tore the paper off,
he’d drifted off to sleep

Then creak, a noise his eyes awoke
to wonder has he been,
And rushed down stairs excited
by the story in his dream

But alas there was no present,

He must have gone next door,

Honest I was sleeping
Please come back, I’ll sleep some more.