Read This! If you laugh your young, if not! Oh go on take the test…

It doesn’t come by itself!

My glasses are on my head
My money is in my purse
My purse is in my bag
My bag is in the car
And I know where that is….

My driving glasses?
They might be in my bag
Which is out in the car
Back out to the car- nope.
They might be in the drawer
Which is half way up the stairs
I’ll go and take a look
Oh they’re on my head!

So where’s my reading glasses?
Not in the car
Not in my bag
Not in the drawer
Someone must have moved them
Oh! They’re in my pocket.

Reading glasses-check
Driving glasses -check
Money – check
Purse – check
Bag – check
Car keys! – I’ve just been in the car
Where are the car keys?
Not in the car
Not in my bag
Not in the drawer
Not in my pocket
They’re in the bathroom
HOW did they get in the BATHROOM!

Right, my coat is on
Got my stuff
Now where’s my banana

16 responses to “Read This! If you laugh your young, if not! Oh go on take the test…

  1. OK. So I am young. Now, where are my glasses?

  2. Have you been talking to Andy…….

  3. Good one! Now where did I leave my head?!

  4. I’m just looking around the house to see where you have that camera hidden …..

  5. Definitely a poem for the over 50s…I can relate to it all! How sad! Never mind we all go through it.

  6. I learned long ago to Bomb something when i put down my keys or glasses or anything I want to remember where it is. So when I put something down I say to myself – i am bombing this with my…

    It works and I loved you poem.

  7. This makes what I alway say even that much more true: “Mirror, mirror on the wall. I am my mother after all.” And I just SWORE I never would be!!! This was great. Thanks for sharing and the reality check that comes with it! 🙂

  8. Aww, now where is my comment? Not here on the web, Not there on the keyboard, not somewhere that is easy to find, Ahh; there hanging by a thread, by a small alphabet!!
    Found it!! Great.

  9. haha… my wife will love the fact you wrote a poem about her 🙂

  10. Very cute. I have reality on losing my glasses 🙂

  11. I would read this but I can’t find my darn glasses…BRB ;))

  12. Brilliant. It made me laugh even though I’m not young (not going to admit to being old quite yet!)
    It reminds me of an incident with me an t’hubby last year:
    Hubby comes in the house and begins to shuffle things around in the lounge, then starts to mutter and tut.
    “What are you looking for?” I call from the adjacent room where I am on the computer.
    “My reading glasses” he says. ” I’m sure I left them on the coffee table”
    ” Oh! I’m using your glasses” I say
    He walks through to my office, and I turn round to greet him – his glasses still perched on my nose.
    “Why are you wearing my glasses?” he asks
    “Because, I couldn’t find mine” I reply
    “Yours are on your HEAD!!!” he splutters
    🙂 🙂

  13. How true – how true! I’m somewhere in my 70’s but still young for age is a matter of attitude not where my glasses are. Just buy and scatter a bunch of cheap ones and you have a better chance of finding one when needed.


    OK, I laughed!

  15. Reminds me of when I sent my kids into fails of laughter. I was looking for the olive oil jug to start dinner. One-handed, since other hand was full. Asked kids into kitchen to help. They just stared for a minute, at my right hand – holding the olive oil jug. Could’ve sworn I’d been carrying something else…

  16. It was funny, but to true to life. I was looking for my glasses and was told I had two pairs on my head.

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