Shakespeare in 10 Minutes.

The Prologue


Our story takes place in ancient Greece, our setting, enchanted wood, with love and resentment, tears and joy, magic for bad and for good.

A duke and a father a wedding and bride, four lovers, six players all told, a king and a queen in their spirit world: Now sit back, let their story unfold. ———-

A Mid Summer Night’s Dream

In ancient Athens grandest hall, Duke Theseus beamed with pride, In four short days he’d marry, Hippolyta his lovely bride.

But one more duty befell him, on a story so harsh and cold, From a father who sought his ruling, That his daughter should wed as she’s told.

His daughter Hermia loves Lysander, And Lysander loves Hermia back, two lovers in love in the first flight of youth, now what could be better than that.

Helena, her friend, loves Demetrius, alas, she could not get his heart instead he too loved Hermia, here our story starts drifting apart

Duke Theseus had made his ruling, to the court did this judgement bestow, wed as your told or stay spinster, wed another and die; it’s the law.

And Hermia’s father had spoken, it’s Demetrius that you shall wed”, So Hermia was sad, Demetrius glad, Lysander is mad, And Helena, poor Helena, unloved and unwanted just wept. ———- “the course of true love never did run true” thought Lysander. ———-

“Hermia” whispered Lysander, “We must meet, somewhere far from this hall, let us plan our escape from this madness at dusk I shall wait at the knoll”.

Now Hermia flushed with excitement, To Helena the plan did reveal, Who in turn……

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For the full story click here