Crocodile Jock

When Keeper Pete took Jock the croc to his local pub one day,
the locals made some scary sounds and the landlord said “no way”
“Its quite all right,” Pete reassured, “I can show you that he’s tame,”
and the crowd watched on with disbelief as the landlord said “go on then”

“Hup!” cried Pete and in a flash Jock lay across six stools,
“now open Wide!” and Jock exposed his teeth as sharpened tools.
“Ill show you now, that Jocky here, won’t cause you any grief,”
then Pete removed his member and placed it right across Jock’s teeth.

“Close!” said Pete, and Jock he did with just a spec to spare,
Then Pete produced a rolled up club from his daily newspaper.
he fiercely beat jock on the head with temper, force and grudge,
but the crocodile just lay there and didn’t even budge.

“You see” said Pete “he’s just a lamb, he wouldn’t hurt a fly,”
then asked the stunned and silent crowd “would any one else care to try”
“Oh go on then” this granny called “I’ll join you in your caper”
“on one condition sonny, please don’t hit me with that paper.”

July 2000

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  1. Aahahahahaha!!! LOLOLOLOL That’s too funny!!! LOLOLOLOLOL

  2. Did not see that coming… oh that could be a gross pun :/

  3. LOL…that’s a good one. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I relaly needed to find this info, thank God!

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