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Dwake the Dwunk Duck


Poetography by gogsieboy and Jokeypoet.

Dwake The Dwunk Duck

Drake was happy and life was good,
He lived by the beach as every duck should,
He’d forage for food and swim for fun
But most of the time he just sat in the sun.

Then one day, something new did appear,
A crate, which held twelve bottles of beer.
With practice he found that by sitting quite still,
He could open a bottle with the tip of his bill.

So the first one he opened and drank all the beer,
And started to notice he felt quite queer,
When he lloooked at the sky it went wound and wound
He goot ip to waddle bot fell back down.

Then one led to two and he sat quite still,
As he prised off the top with the tip of his bill.
With the second one finished his brain felt the haze,
Is overythong doobled om whoch ez dod gaaaze.

And so the druck dunk thought oll jusht has wun moore,
Bit nhow shitting shtill, witch hiz bil, wizh a chor.
Ez westled and gwappled witch ill off hiz might
Bot the lid in the bottly it shtayed raewy tight.

Sho awl e cood do wiz to lay in the sun
Hish head spoonning rrround now it wasn’t such fun
“Ohhh Never again” az he lay oan hish bick
And all he could say was simply Qu’hic’. Qu’hic


B – for the bison who are very tough
L – for the lemur who play very rough
A – for amazing, all animals are,
I – for the island of chimps out so far
R – for the rhino so big and so strong
D – for the ducks as they waddle along
R – for the road where the lion roams free
U – for the unicorn no one can see.
M – for the marmosets, tails oh so long
M – for the meerkats so simples dot com
O – for the otter so friendly and small
N – for the newly born ostrich and all
D – for the day when we all had a ball.

By Hamish (6) April (2) B&E after our visit to Blairdrummond Safari park