Read Yourself Slim, with The Poetry Diet, My challenge to you Is simply to try it…..

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Hi I’m Buttons and this is my Introduction to The Poetry Diet. The Poetry Diet is a five week programme designed to help you to adjust your life style habits and in turn lose weight, get fitter and improve your well-being.

The programme consists of an Introduction, Instructions and five easy to read poems, one for each day of the week. The Poetry Diet is about changing your habits. Your habits are formed by having pre conceived ideas that you have now adopted. To succeed with this programme you must re-open your mind to accept some simple yet very powerful ideas. Remember it is only for five weeks but the results are life changing; you will need to embark on the programme with a positive open mind.

The poetry is intended to be easily read and is sometimes funny. You will become familiar with the poems very quickly but as you keep reading them as instructed the message of the poetry will be revealed. Some of the messages will only reveal themselves after the full five week programme is complete. You will be required to interpret the verses to suit your own life style situation. Take your time to do this as the full programme can work for everyone. You will be asked to use your imagination and apply the spirit of the poetry to suit you.

Each day you will be asked to write down one suggestion to help you achieve the message of that day’s poem. By the end of the programme you will have 5 suggestions for each day of the week which you then record on Saturday’s list.

This will then magically morph from The Poetry Diet to your very own 25 point Button Diet which will be with you forever. – You can then stop reading and start doing. To get your copy visit

Did you know that the word diet actually means “Way of life” from the ancient Greek diaita. Your Button Diet will bring you a whole new way of life to make you fitter, healthier and happier.

Best Wishes and Good Luck. Buttons Diet wellbeing health