Hi friends, I’m Jokeypoet, Welcome to Jokeypoet World…..

If you are looking for a laugh you can find it here, if you are looking for inspiration, motivation, encouragement or hope you can find it here in my pages here in my poetry.
Most of my stuff is free for you to enjoy, some has a small charge via Paypal. Feel free to comment and join in.

Joems and Poems:
Jokes that rhyme and Poems with a Punch line. I like to take popular funny stories and turn them into poetry. This way you can endure the poetry knowing you will enjoy the punchline and get the best of both worlds. Some have been recorded on Youtube with a link for you to follow.

The Poetry Diet:
Poetry can really pack a punch to help get a message over. The Poetry Diet is my way of helping you to help yourself with any aspect of your life you may wish to improve. Follow this link to learn more

Shakespeare in 10 minutes:
I have taken some of Shakespeare’s best known work and translated it into simple poetry. If you are new to Shakespeare or studying his plays these are great introductions to his stories and characters.

I love taking a photograph, usually someone else’s, and finding out what it inspires me to create as a poem. Take a look and let me know what you think. If you have a photograph and would like to collaborate please send it to me.

Have a look and please let me have your comments. If you have a joke you would like set to rhyme then please tell me in a post and I will do my best

Happy reading,


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